The Edith Rowles Simpson Lecture

At the time of Dean Edith Rowles Simpson’s retirement in 1972, the Simpson Lectureship was established in her honour. An endowed trust, made possible through generous donations from alumna, colleagues, family and friends, funds the public lectures. The Lectureship is organized by a Committee comprised of representatives from the College of Education (Home Economics Education program), College of Pharmacy and Nutrition (Nutrition and Dietetics program), the Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists, Saskatchewan Dietitians Association and the Saskatchewan Home Economics Teachers Association.

Prior to each lecture, there a warm tribute to Dean Simpson and members of her family are introduced. The lecture is followed by a reception. When possible, workshops or class presentations are arranged so that the visiting lecturer can share his or her expertise further with Home Economics and Nutrition faculty, professionals and students.

The following is a list of Edith Rowles Simpson Lectures from 1974-2003:

1974 The Honorable Brenda Robertson
Are Home Economists Obsolete?
1975 Phyllis Meikeljohn
Realities vs Rsources: Here and Now
1978 Doris Badir
Home Economics: Its Challenges for the Future
1980 Helen Neilson
Education for Living
1983 Eleanore Vaines
Home Economics and Social Action: A Prospectus for the Future
1985 Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Who Do You Think You Are?
1988 Ruth Berry
The Family in a Changing Economy: Opportunities and Challenges
1990 Kinsey Green
Designing our Destiny: A Force for Families
1992 Patricia Thompson
Home Economics and Feminism: A New Look At an Old Subject
1994 Margaret Arcus
Families for the 21st Century
1994 Louise Lambert-Lagacè
Nutrition Issues for Families: Sharing Food and Sharing Values
1999 Dianne Kieren
Hers and His: Relationships Recognizing the Differences
2003 Cyril Kendall
How to Combine Functional Foods for Coronary Heart Disease Risk Reduction
2003 Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Way Ahead Not Closed: An Optimist’s View of the World
2005 Adam Drewnowski
Obesity and the Cost of Healthy Diets
2009 Reinhold Vieth
Wonderful Health News About Vitamin D
and why the powers that be are not ready to accept it
2010 Joe Schwarcz
Hey! There are cockroaches in my chocolate ice cream!
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