Home Economics Faculty


  1. Ethel Rutter, M.A. (Col.), Professor, Director, retired 1940.
  2. Kathleen Stevenson, Dietitian, Saskatchewan Hall.
  3. Fannie Twiss, Lecturer, Summer School.


  1. Edith Patrick, B.A. (Tor.), M.A., (Col.), Instructor, Assistant to Director Extension Work for Women, to 1925.


  1. Bertha Oxner, B.A. (Sask.), M.A. (Chic.), Assistant Professor, Professor and Director of Women’s Work, retired 1949.
  2. Elizabeth Stormont, Dietitian, Lecturer, retired 1948.


  1. Helen Wilmot, B.Sc., M.A. (Chic.), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, retired 1955.


  1. Edith Rowles Simpson, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), M.Sc. (Wisc.), Ed.D. (Col.), P.Dt., Instructor, Supervisor of Girls Work, Assistant Professor, Dean of Women, Associate Professor, Professor, Dean of Home Economics, retired 1972, Dean Emeritus. Note: Dr. Simpson first taught a Home Economics course in 1932; she was appointed to the faculty in 1944.


  1. Hope Hunt., B.A. (H.Sc.) (Tor.), M.Sc. (Col.), Ph.D. (Minn.), P.Dt., Professor and Head of School of Household Science, Dean, retired 1965, Dean Emeritus.
  2. Euphemia Kennedy, Demonstrator, to 1941.


  1. Lorna Davis, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor, to 1953.
  2. Dorothy Lefebvre, B.H.Sc., M.Sc., Instructor, Assistant Professor, resigned 1943.


  1. Minnie Steinhauer, M.A., Instructor, to 1943.


  1. Mildred Mitchell, B.A. (Tor.), M.A. (Tor.), Instructor, Assistant Professor, resigned 1947.


  1. Eileen Andrew, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), Instructor, resigned 1947.
  2. Margaret Glabais, M.Sc. (H.Ec.) (Man.), M.Sc. (Iowa), Instructor, Assistant Professor, resigned 1951.


  1. Jean Glabais, B.Sc. (Acadia), M.Sc. (Iowa State), Instructor to 1950.


  1. Nancy Chapman, B.Sc. (Ill.), Instructor, to 1949.


  1. Joan (Cooke) Setter, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), P.Dt., Lecturer, resigned 1953.


  1. Ellen Moore, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), Instructor, to 1952.
  2. Grace Racine, Instructor, to 1951.


  1. Olga Chornous, B.Sc.(H.Ec.), M.Sc. (Man.), Instructor, Special Lecturer, resigned 1956.


  1. Mary Chamard, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), Lecturer.
  2. Marjorie Harris, B.A.(H.Sc.) (Tor.), Special Lecturer, Assistant Professor, resigned 1964.


  1. Kathleen (Taggart) Ferguson, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), M.Sc. (Cornell), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, resigned 1959.


  1. Marjorie Guilford, B.Sc. (H.Ec.) (Man.), M.A. (Col.), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Acting Dean, Assistant Dean, to 1978.


  1. Noreen Mollard, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), Dom. Supt., Lecturer, to 1960.


  1. Florence Campbell, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Alta.), M.Sc. (Cornell), Assistant Professor, resigned 1962.


  1. Ethel Hill, Lecturer, Summer School.
  2. Margaret Pattillo, B.Sc.(H.Ec.), M.Sc. (Mich. State), Instructor, Assistant Professor, Director of Women’s Work, Associate Professor in Extension Division.


  1. Charlotte Olson, B.H.Sc., P.Dt., ,to 1961.
  2. Margaret Little, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), Special Lecturer, to 1962.
  3. Alice Fraser, B.Sc., P.Dt., Lecturer, to 1962.
  4. Doris Hasell, B.I.D. (Man.), Special Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, to 1990.


  1. Ruth Langstaff, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), P.Dt., Residence, Lecturer, resigned 1965.


  1. Theodora Bryce, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Mt. Allison), M.A. (Cornell), Certificate Occupational Therapy (Colo. State), Special Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, to 1972.
  2. Anne Kernaleguen, B.H.Sc., (Sask.), B.Ed. (Alta.), M.A. (Mich. State), Ph.D. (Utah State), Assistant Professor, resigned 1968.


  1. Mary Hull, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Man.), M.Sc. (Econ. Lond.), Extension Specialist, Lecturer in Home Economics.
  2. Mary Anne Keehan, B.S., M.S. (Wisc.), Assistant Professor, resigned 1968.
  3. Alice (Krokosh) Kautz, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Alta.), M.Sc. (Ohio), Assistant Professor, resigned 1968.


  1. Gwendolyn Daley, B.Ed., M.A. (Mich. State), Assistant Professor, Special Lecturer, resigned 1969.
  2. Laura Johnson, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Alta.), P.Dt., Lecturer and Consultant in Food Services, resigned 1968.


  1. A. Bakal, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Techman Israel), Assistant Professor, resigned 1968.
  2. Shirley Watson, B.A.(H.Ec.) M.A. (Mont. State), Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist, resigned 1969.


  1. Gertrude Gerlach, B.A. (Sask.), Special Lecturer, to 1969.
  2. Eva Lee Kwok, M.Sc. (London), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Dean, to 1988.
  3. Heather Maclean, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Mt. Allison), M.S. (Ore. State), P.Dt., Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, transferred to Division of Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Pharmacy in 1988.
  4. Arthur Sumner, B.S.A., B.A., M.A. (Sask.), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Lecturer in Diary and Food Science, transferred to College of Agriculture in 1985.
  5. WandaYoung, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), B.Ed. (Alta.), M.A. (Col.), Ph.D. (Mich. State), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor.


  1. Emmie Oddie, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), M.Sc. (State Col. Wash.), Special Lecturer, Extension Specialist, to 1973.
  2. Marilyn Steel, B.A. (Tor.), M.S., Ph.D. (Cornell), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, resigned 1986.
  3. Seham Mousa, B.Sc. (Cario), M.S., Ph.D. (Texas Women’s), Assistant Professor, resigned 1971.


  1. Lenore Kuch, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), Instructor, Summer School.


  1. Marilyn Nielsen, B.H.Ec. (Guelph), M.Sc. (Sask.), Research Assistant, Special Lecturer.
  2. Rose Fedoruk, B.Sc.(H.Ec.), M.Sc. (Man.), Special Lecturer, Laboratory Demonstrator, Assistant Professor.


  1. Rita Crow, B.H.Sc. (Tor.), M.Sc. (Leeds), Ph.D. (Guelph), Assistant Professor, resigned 1973.
  2. Pamela Taylor, B.S. (Iowa State), Assistant Professor, resigned 1974.
  3. Carole Wakabayashi, B.S.H.Ec. (Sask.), Special Lecturer 1972-74 and 1978-80.


  1. Helen Abell, B.H.Sc. (Tor.), M.S., Ph.D. (Cornell), Dean and Professor, resigned 1974.
  2. Kathleen Laverty, B.H.Ec., M.Sc. (Man.), Assistant Professor, resigned 1974.
  3. Carol Pardoe, B.H.Sc. (Sask.), P.Dt., Assistant Professor, to 1976.


  1. Elaine (Adam) Somers, B.S.H.Ec., B.Ed. (Man.),Special Lecturer, to 1976.
  2. Margaret Crowle, B.Sc.(H.Ec.), M.Sc. (Man.), Sessional Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Dean, to 1990.
  3. Marie Kischuk, B.S.H.Ec., M.Ct.Ed. (Sask.), Sessional Lecturer, to 1975.


  1. Joan Finlayson, B.H.Ec. (Brit. Col.), P.Dt., Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist, resigned 1978.


  1. Douglas Gibson, M.B.E., B.S.A. (Man.), M.S., Ph.D. (Minn.), P.Dt., Dean.
  2. James Olson, B.S.A., M.Sc. (Man.), Ph.D., (Mich. State), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, resigned 1986.


  1. Bev Pain, B.S.H.Sc., B.Ed., M.D. (Sask.), Ph.D. (Alta), Term Appointment, returned 1982, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, transferred to College of Education in 1988.


  1. Sylvia (Robinson) Coghlin, B.S.H.Ed., M.Ct.Ed. (Sask.) Extension, Assistant Professor, resigned 1980.


  1. Thomas Abernathy, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Georgia), Associate Professor, Dean, resigned 1982.


  1. Howard Nixon, B.P.E., M.S., P.ED., Acting Dean, to 1982.


  1. Gwenna Moss, B.S.H.Sc. (Sask.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Wisc.), Dean, appointed Associate Vice President Academic in 1986.
  2. Robin Douthitt, B.H.Ec. (Ohio State), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Cornell), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, resigned 1986.


  1. Joanne Fedyk, B.S.H.Ec., M.Sc. (Sask.), Special Lecturer.
  2. Linda Peterat, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Man.) M.Ed., Ph.D. (Alta.), Summer School.


  1. Linda Charlton, B.S.H.Ec., L.L.B. (Sask.), Term Appointment.
  2. Renee Duddridge, B.I.D. (Man.), Term Appointment.
  3. Lina Eiden, B.I.D. (Man.), Term Appointment.
  4. Debra Gillis, B.S.H.Ec. (Sask.), M.Sc., Special Lecturer.
  5. Janet Loewen, B.S.H.Ec. (Sask.), Term Appointment.
  6. Barry Singer, B.A., L.L.B., Term Appointment


  1. Shawna Berenbaum, B.S.H.Ec. (Sask.), M.H.Sc. (Tor.), Term Appointment.
  2. Tricia Rybski, B.Sc.H.Ec., M.Sc. (Guelph), Special Lecturer.
  3. Alison Stephen, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, transferred to Division of Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Pharmacy in 1988.
  4. Jane Deneer, B.Sc.H.Ec. M.Sc. (Man.), Term Appointment.


  1. Betty Burwell, B.Sc.(H.Ec.) (Man.), M.Sc., Term Appointment.
  2. Diane Johns, B.Sc.H.Ec., Term Appointment.


  1. Sheri McBride, B.Sc.(H.Ec.), M.Sc. (Man.), Special Lecturer.
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