Deans and Directors of Household Science and Home Economics

Howard R. Nixon, BPE, MS, PED (1982)

Dr. Nixon received the BPE from the University of British Columbia, and Master’s and doctorate degrees from Indiana University. He returned to Saskatoon to join the School of Physical Education. He went on to become its Director and was instrumental in the formation of the College of Physical Education. He became the College’s first Acting Dean in 1972 and was Dean from 1974-77. Dr. Nixon served for one year as Acting Dean of the College of Home Economics in 1982. He provided valued support to the faculty and staff during this period of transition, and encouraged students to pursue enriching experiences.

Dr. Nixon returned to the College of Physical Education and went on to become Assistant Vice-President Student Affairs and Services. Dr. Nixon retired from the University in 1992 and was awarded the designation of Professor Emeritus. In 2000, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada, in recognition of his outstanding achievements and service. The investiture citation reads: “He has dedicated his life to physical education and fitness for young Canadians. He has coached football, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics and boxing at the community, high school and university levels. Deeply committed to Canada's young people, he was also one of the founders of Katimavik, a national youth program that encourages personal, social and professional development.” In 2000, Dr. Nixon was conferred Honorary Alumni Member of the University of Saskatchewan for the many positive contributions he has made.

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Howard R. Nixon
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