Credits & Acknowledgements

Project Committee Members

Judy Buzowetsky, Shirley Lambert, Gaylene Turner, Doris Hasell, Lynne Earle, Patrick Hayes, Cathy Fornssler and Merry Beazely

Contributions from Home Economics graduates and/or faculty:

Dr. Gwenna Moss, Kathy Weisbrod, Liz Delahey, Marg Crowle and Dr. Bev Pain

Online Exhibit Development

Website Design: Luke Sather of Arundel Designs
Image Selection and Scanning: Patrick Hayes
Search Programming: Warren Neufeld; Harvey Sather
Image Assistance: Joanne Abrahamson
ITS Support: Earl Fogel; EMAP staff

Physical Exhibit Development

Content Curators:
Patrick Hayes, Cathy Fornssler, Liz Delahey, Judy Hannah


  1. Home Economics in Canada - The History of Six College Programs: Prologue to Change, 1946. Edith Child Rowles. Modern Press.
  2. College of Home Economics Golden Jubilee 1928-1978. Wanda Young, Editor. May 1978.
  3. Home Economics at the University of Saskatchewan: 1917-1990. Wanda Young, Editor.
  4. Courage to Start New Ventures: The Life and Times of 19 Girls from a Class of 1946, R.H.D. (Bob) Phillips, Editor, Bell Phillips Communications Inc, October 2003.
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