Home Economics Display and Website

In 2006, a Home Economics Display Project Committee was formed:

  • To gather together Home Economics memorabilia and class photos and use these in a display in tribute to the College of Home Economics and its graduates.  Included with the display would be a dedicated computer and monitor to view a College of Home Economics website.
  • To create a searchable Home Economics website, which would include histories written about the College of Home Economics and all of the graduating class photos.
  • To locate and label the Home Economic memorabilia and collections around the campus and provide attribution to their donors and the College.

The Project Committee is comprised of Home Economics Alumnae Judy Buzowetsky, Shirley Lambert and Gaylene Turner; Home Economics Faculty Doris Hasell; University Staff Cathie Fornssler (University Secretary’s Office), Merry Beazely (Home Economics graduate, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition), Lynne Earle (Home Economics graduate, Facilities Management Division) and Patrick Hayes (University Archives).

The Committee welcomes your feedback on the Display and Website.  Please contact Cathie Fornssler at cathie.fornssler@usask.ca or 306-966-5036.

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